(514) 484-1414 Address: 3491 Hingston, Montreal

Nick Brotherwood – President of Crosstalk Ministries & Coordinator of Tuesday Fellowship

Ordained in Southwell Minster, England, in 1983, Nick is currently Interim Priest in Charge of St. Mary’s, Kirkland; Priest in Charge of St. Luke’s, Hemmingford; Trinity, Havelock; St. Matthew’s, Edwardstown; and prevoiusly was Bishop’s Missioner for Reimagining Church and Natural Church Development. He volunteers with Quebec Special Olympics in Alpine Skiing, and also as president of Crosstalk Ministries. Nick’s connection with Crosstalk goes back over thirty-five years, where he has previously been vice-president, director of Focus, Junior Youth Camp speaker, Senior Youth Camp speaker and a Day Camp Travelling Team leader. Nick is married to Sue, they have numerous children and grandchildren, and live in Montreal.


Timothy Huyer – Director of Finance and Administration

Wentworth Brookes – Director of Communications

My role as Director of Communications involves managing the Crosstalk Ministries website and  team, coordinating the editing and distribution of the Networks e-newsletter, and acting as a technical resource for the Crosstalk office.

My involvement with Crosstalk Ministries started when I was a camper back in the 1980s.

I have been a Travelling Team member, a Focus Committee member, a Parish Coordinator, Networks Editor and now Director of Communications.

My vision for the ministry is with God’s help to continue to effectively communicate through various media the mission of Crosstalk Ministries: “Helping people of all ages become strong disciples of Jesus Christ”

Valerie Taylor – Director of Day Camps

Alana Norquay – Co-Director of Junior Youth Camp

Co-directing Junior Camp is a wonderful adventure that involves a great team who have the future of Junior Camp in their hearts and prayers.

I have been involved with Crosstalk Ministries in many capacities. First as a camper of Day Camps, Junior camp and Senior Camp. I have been a member of the Day Camp committee as well as the office worker for Crosstalk for 2 years in the early 2000’s. Having accepted the challenge of helping to direct Junior Camp I am blessed with a wonderful team and co-director. I look forward to making Junior Camp an open, accessible time for children to come to know Christ’s love personally.

Diana Keener – Co-Director of Junior Youth Camp

As a co-director of Crosstalk Ministries Junior Youth Camp, I help in organizing and planning all that takes place during camp week. I joined the CTM team in 2016 to help give new life to the JYC.
I desire to see kids come to camp to have fun and become disciples of Jesus! I love watching them understand their faith at a young age. We have so much to learn from them.

Mark Latulipe – Co-Director of Senior Youth Camp

As the director of Senior Youth Camp (SYC) it is my responsibility to organize and supervise all that is camp each year. It is my responsibility to make sure the voices of the SYC campers, staff and alumni are heard at the board level. I take on this responsibility fully aware that I do it all by the grace of God and that camp truly happens not by my efforts but by God’s provision and will. I have been immensely blessed for the last 20 years to be a part of Crosstalk Ministries, from a camper in JYC and SYC, to staff at SYC, to now directing SYC. It has been my pleasure and joy to work along such an amazing team of volunteers that help make camp so great each year. I hoped to help continue the great work the God does through SYC and to hold to our motto of “Lasting memories, deeper connections, and growing faith.”

Rebecca Bayly – Co-Director of Senior Youth Camp

Luke Bayly – Board Member